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Overseas work is a chance to go on an adventure by travelling, exploring culture and meeting new people or stepping up the ladder of your career. Remote working or in person abroad doesn't matter if the job is fit, and you make progress and live up to your dreams and expectations. To make your way to prosper future and a stable job is to search on top international job sites which guarantee security, huge variety and a simple system. 

Pros and Cons of international job boards or the best platform for searching for a tech job

Pros: Secured, straightforward and anonymous way of searching for a job in another country is to use The best part is that the board emphasizes the significance of the candidate and makes everything possible for a future employee. For instance, a candidate decides which company interview they prefer to visit. points out that the platform helped 925 companies and, 5967 candidates and closed 910 job vacancies. 

Cons: It specializes only in tech jobs such as Developers, Graphic designers, Product designers, Chain analysts, CPO, Blockchain or Full-stack engineers etc. 

Indeed Worldwide - the most visited website in September 2021

Pros: Huge platform with 300 million unique monthly visitors, 225 million resumes on the board and 700+ million total ratings and reviews. Indeed helps find a job for different positions that divide from Housekeeper to Full-stack engineer. The company states to develop and ensure inclusiveness, innovations and the main drive for job seeking.

Cons: the site and vacancies are often written in the language of the country you look forward to working. However, in the era of digitalization, what translator can't help solve this problem?

 Jooble - the possible search for a job in 69 countries

Pros: A popular site with 1 billion visits annually, 69 available countries and 25 languages. The experienced board summarizes data and presents different statistics, for instance, average salaries for job titles and locations. Jooble is one of the best platforms to search for jobs in different industries from military, protective services and personal care & service to business & financial, computer & information technologies and management. Moreover, email alerts are free.

Cons: The platform doesn't provide a live chat. In addition, there are spam complaints. 

LinkedIn - the most popular and huge network with job-seeking possibility

Pros: The largest professional community with 875+ members and 200+ available countries. The company is open to making sure the experience is accessible for all. The platform is ideal for those who want to improve their skills and monitor the job board with improved job listings at the same time. The variety of industries is not limited.

Cons: At the start, it's hard to adapt to the system and excessive email communications. Not attending to your profile after the end of the subscription is said to have problems with data storage and signing in. 

ZipRecruiter - help from an automated AI recruiter 24/7

Pros: Easiness in using and customer support are all about the international job board ZipRecruiter. The site has 150+ users and 100+ board vacancies. It is said to have a 6x faster recruitment process in the Engineering industry. Furthermore, the industries presented there aren't limited. The viewers noted the system has great performance, which is one of the best qualities of the platform.

Cons: The possibility of fake accounts on the platform. Also, it is said to have a scam free trial that demands money and according to that problem occurs another one - customer support: agents could have given visitors contradicting information.

Go Abroad - travelling while making a living

Pros: The well-known board for searching for language teaching or volunteering job, with the additional possibility to be helped with language certification. The platform has over 1 million visitors to the site per month, 15 000+ programmes and 50+ destinations to choose from. Moreover, this board provides the possibility to have a gap year for teens, from high school and under-18s. Generally, the site has five categories: jobs abroad, a gap year, teaching abroad, internships abroad and volunteering abroad.

Cons: The help course for language certifications can be low. The board has complaints about deleting bad reviews and making things look better.

CareerJet - the overview of job vacancies all over the internet

Pros: the advantage of this board is that the computers scan over 58000 sites with featured job positions from small recruitment agencies to big job boards. After that, AI makes listings of them. The site encompasses 90+ countries and has 28 languages. The platform has links to a huge variety of vacancies such as Java/Full-tack developer to Plumber. There is the possibility to filter job searches according to keywords, locations and frequency of appeal in searches of others.

Cons: The vacancies aren't hosted on this board. CareerJet acts only as a traffic driver to other boards from where the information was taken. 

Expat Network - prepares for an international job from a motherland

Pros: The most experienced board of international jobs among those 8. It was presented 30 years ago to help ex-pats to adapt to the new reality. Resources on this platform can be one of the best advantages. For instance, there are webinars, checklists to help move to another country, immigration resources, guides for getting a country visa, resources about retirement overseas etc. So, there are pieces of advice related to employment, CVs, contracts and legal. Searching can filter by many options in industries from art, leisure & sports and fashion to agriculture & farming, commerce & commercial and media. Moreover, there is even for not profit & charity. 

Cons: The site is not only about working but travelling. The website has an old system.

The best way to ensure the effectiveness and speed of international job search is to use checked platforms and boards such as for tech vacancies. Do not miss an opportunity to travel, get new experiences, and acquaintances and boost your career. Follow for more!

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