8 Common Teamwork Interview Questions

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Nowadays, it isn't easy to imagine a company that would not seek to hire a specialist with the ability to work in a team. The need for this skill follows the specialist everywhere since even the most introverted job requires communication with other people and cooperation. Accordingly, this entails an increasing number of so-called ideal team player interview questions.

The problem is that most people have good skills and experience in this aspect but are not sure how to present it confidently in an interview. Read this article to figure out what interview questions about team player skills you may encounter and how to answer them in the best way.

How do you feel about your level of teamwork skills? 

This simple question often tops lists of the most popular interview questions about teamwork because it naturally prompts candidates to share their strengths and concerns about this type of work. Your task here is to emphasize what role you can play well in a team and your vision for strengthening your weaker skills. Example: I'm good at finding a way to bring any idea to life, but I have a bit more difficulty generating ideas myself. In such cases, I support my role with quality communication that allows me to contribute to my full potential.

Please share examples of teamwork from your previous jobs 

In this question, hiring managers want to analyze your practical teamwork skills. Be careful: it is much better to highlight one illustrative and well-structured example than to vaguely cover the entire experience of your teamwork. HR experts recommend using the STAR approach because this question belongs to the teamwork behavioral interview questions category, which you can read more about here. Emphasize your tasks, achievements, and typical behavior for you in a situation of joint actions to stand out from other candidates.

Have you ever experienced a conflict situation that you had to handle in the workplace? 

In the case of such a question, you will have the opportunity to show your problem-solving skills along with an understanding of what a team is and what approach to work it requires. Of course, you may have never faced a large-scale conflict. Still, it is impossible to imagine any workplace without misunderstandings, the bad mood of colleagues, or extraordinary circumstances with negative consequences. For this answer, you want to tell a consistent, unbiased story where you show what the conflict was, how you resolved it, what lessons you learned from the situation, and whether you would do the same thing if it happened now.

What do you think is the key to successful teamwork? 

Your answer to this question will show how well your vision of this type of work matches the existing teamwork situation in your target company. A smart move would be to name the aspect that you are good at and can use to improve teamwork as a contributor. For example, suppose you are a high-class negotiator. In that case, you can say that what is essential for you is a quality representation of all opinions and the ability to find a middle ground among them — because you will be able to facilitate such a process confidently.

Do you have an example of failed cooperation? 

This question is one of the most demonstrative among team player interview questions because it clearly shows the level of self-awareness and the ability to reflect on challenges in the past. Please don't make the mistake of pretending to be an innocent angel who never failed! Such a mistake often costs candidates the loss of the position because it is basically untrue: fails always accompany us throughout life, and who but hiring managers should know this? The best thing you can do is tell a story about a common mistake for this job, where you avoid any blame (including yourself) and explain what lessons you learned from the situation.

How do you feel about the periodic shift of tasks from individual ones to those requiring collaboration? 

This type of collaboration interview questions is relatively straightforward, unlike the rest of the above. It aims to determine whether the position suits you and how well you can adapt to change. Obviously, the very presence of such a question indicates that you can most likely expect such a thing in the future position. It's in your best interest to give a positive answer, but be honest with yourself. If you're easily overwhelmed and burned out by this kind of responsibilities, this is your chance to consider other job options.

Suppose your colleague does not show the performance necessary to achieve the team goal. How would you try to solve this problem? 

This question puts you in a situation where you have to demonstrate your interpersonal skills along with the ability to express your wishes and suggestions for colleagues' work in a polite but assertive manner. Also, do not forget that a cool-headed approach is expected from you. Therefore, you can stop at the following strategies: personal communication with I-statements, an offer to explore the possibilities of team assistance, redelegating responsibilities, etc. Choose something that meets the criteria mentioned above but is still close to your personality and thinking style.

Which step of teamwork do you personally find most challenging? 

These teamwork interview questions often confuse candidates because they make them feel vulnerable to the hiring manager because of the need to share their weaknesses. However, top professionals can demonstrate not only the ability to voice challenges confidently but also share their vision for how to deal with them. Don't be afraid to talk about what makes you feel uncomfortable. However, be sure to come to a conclusion on how you can get rid of the problem or minimize its negative impact on you. For example, shy people do not always express their ideas because they consider them imperfect. Such specialists can solve this by improving their public speaking skills, as well as working on confidence in themselves and their ideas.

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