How to Hire a Software Developer in India

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Hiring international staff for tech companies continues to be a popular option among IT employers. This trend is not surprising, as it allows entering the global market more confidently and adjusting the price-quality ratio of workers from various regional labor markets to the company's needs.

In this context, India again demonstrates as one of the promising centers of rapid programming development. South Asia's booming tech market has plenty of innovative offers and ambitious talents, which forward-thinking startups are taking advantage of. This article will provide a step-by-step guide and the best recommendations for effective and thoughtful hiring Indian developers for your company. Keep reading!

What you need to know about Indian software developers

A complex mix of social, economic, and cultural factors has resulted in a unique tech environment in India. The following are the most important facts to consider when hiring programmers from India:

  • India has the world's second-largest tech talent market, with an annually growing number of 5.8 million high-qualified developers. In addition, more than 5000 colleges in India provide quality and affordable tech education, graduating hundreds of thousands of specialists yearly, which makes the Indian tech talent market one of the fastest growing in the world.
  • The standard hourly wage for programmers from India ranges from $20 to $40 but can vary depending on job requirements and the developer's level of expertise. Therefore, it is much more profitable for employers to hire Indian specialists who provide high-quality services for a reasonable salary.
  • A vast majority of Indians are either native or fluent users of English, which is one of their most significant advantages over other competing markets. So, fast and proficient working communication is a solid reason why many international tech companies prefer hiring Indian developers.
  • India has only one time zone — IST (UTC +5:30). This means that India is ahead of the USA by 9:30, ahead of Europe by 3:30, ahead of the UK by 4:30, and behind Australia by 4:30. So this time difference is relatively easy to manage for most countries. Also, Indian developers tend to present projects ahead of schedule.

How to hire software developers in India: 5 tips

If you decide to hire an Indian programmer, you will have a vast selection of candidates of different levels and experience. Therefore, we have collected the best tips for making the hiring process easier and more successful.

Put effort into research

Since India is a top-rated destination for tech companies looking to hire developers, you can be sure that there is plenty of information on the internet and in specialized forums. Take your time to find all the information you need about the hiring culture in India. For example, you need to know that Indian employees are required to give 60-90 days' notice, which may slow down your hiring process, but will allow you to better prepare for it.

Set clear expectations

As with any hiring process, you need to know what you expect from candidates and what you're willing to offer. However, since you have a clear target country for finding employees, take the time to create a job description that combines your needs and the specifics of the Indian labor market. It is also worth spreading your job posting through social networks and special job-seeking resources.

Reach out to hiring agencies

For large labor markets with a wide selection, the best option is to turn to specialized recruitment agencies that take care of the hiring process from the first step to contract signing, working fast and transparently. For example, you can visit, an excellent place to hire developers and other tech employees in Eastern Europe and Asia. The hiring process is easy, as all candidates open their salary expectations, and there is a requirement for vacancies to show salary range as well. Such transparency practically guarantees a perfect match between the candidate and the company, which is why specialized services are a good solution for hiring.

Conduct quality interviews

The best way to hire developers from India and find the right candidate for your company is to conduct a high-quality multi-stage interview. This is a critical step in the hiring process that helps ensure a great addition to your team. To make the interviews meaningful, design them to include an analysis of the candidate's experience, testing their technical skills and knowledge, and getting to know their professional and personal traits. In this way, you will provide yourself with an excellent employee, and he will receive a position in a company that respects his competence and is ready to provide decent working conditions.

Ensure flexibility

Once you have decided on the candidates, take care of providing them with a comfortable working environment. First, it is crucial to discuss all the issues that concern both parties, such as the company's policy on key points of cooperation. Also, make sure you can manage deadlines and time zone issues, respect cultural diversity, and set up regular online meetings. This will help achieve top-level collaboration.

Benefits of hiring software developers in India

  • Indian developers are highly competitive and driven to perform at their best, so if you hire wisely, you'll get a quality addition to your team.
  • Indian talents are more culturally compatible with Western employers than other Asian specialists, making working communication flow with fewer obstacles.
  • When you hire a developer in India, you can be sure of your employee's responsibility, as well as the ability and willingness to manage deadlines professionally.
  • The Indian labor market is developing at one of the fastest rates in the world. Therefore local professionals possess the most up-to-date and relevant skills and knowledge that keep pace with the latest trends in the IT industry.
  • Indian developers provide one of the most flexible services among other markets and have a high level of customer support and communication to ensure the best experience.
  • Finally, you can find specialists in almost any specialization and experience you are interested in, which can be explained by the scope of the market and the variety of quality technical education in the country.
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