How to Hire Software Developers in Ukraine

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With the consistent development of globalization and IT, it has become very easy to hire international staff for your startup and keep in touch with specialists around the globe throughout the working process. Because of this, Eastern Europe has strengthened its position as one of the leading tech regions with qualified specialists and reasonable prices. Ukraine stands out as a country with significant human resources potential and competitive tech education. As a result, more and more companies, from promising startups to tech giants, are eager to invest and cooperate with Ukrainian software developers. Keep reading to learn more about how to hire developers in Ukraine and all the necessary facts about the local tech market!

What you need to know about Ukrainian developers

A unique social, economic, and cultural environment makes Ukrainians outstanding tech specialists on the market. Here is some helpful information about them:

  • By approximate estimates, there are from 200,000 to 250,000 IT specialists in Ukraine, constituting almost a quarter of all IT specialists in Eastern Europe. Moreover, the number increases each year as 619 higher education institutions graduate around 36,000 certified specialists annually. Besides, local experts are highly motivated for constant self-education through specialized courses.
  • The average hourly wage of developers in Ukraine reaches about $30-$100 (depending on the project and the proficiency level of a specialist), which is cheaper than hiring developers with the same experience in the Western market.
  • Most developers are comfortable with speaking English for working purposes. Around 2/3 of senior developers and half of all specialists speak B2-C1 English (upper-intermediate and advanced levels, respectively). The percentage grows yearly, fostered by competition in the talent market.
  • Despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a vast majority of software developers in the country can continue working on international projects, as many have moved to relatively safe regions and have access to a stable Internet connection. In addition, Ukrainian developers demonstrate increased performance because they are motivated psychologically to help the Ukrainian economy and be useful to society.

How to hire software developers in Ukraine

When you decide to work with local software developers, Ukraine opens up many opportunities and platforms for you to hire top talents. Follow these tips to conduct the hiring process in the best way possible.

Set expectations

As in every recruitment process, you should have a clear vision of your goals and the role of Ukrainian developers in achieving them. Try to find out which skills and expertise you need for a project and how they correspond with the amount of work and the working conditions you can provide.

Do research

There is plenty of information about almost every Ukrainian software company on the market that you can easily find using online sources. All it takes is to google, for example, "software developers Ukraine," and you are ready to dive into the material to prepare for recruiting! Check average reviews, recommendations, and the main profile of a tech company for an idea of what you want to work with. Also, you can try reaching out to your foreign colleagues to hear about their experiences and impression from working with Ukrainian IT specialists.

Create an adapted job description

To increase your chances of hiring the people you are initially looking for, try to compose a comprehensive and exhaustive job description that reflects your values, goals, expectations, and requirements. Also, try to be transparent enough and pay attention to the cultural differences you will get to know after completing step #2 below. It is important because your target audience is specialists from a particular country, so customizing and narrowing down some details will work better than a plain universal job description.

Work with specialized hiring agencies

If you do not have much experience hiring such developers, Ukraine is a profile destination for many recruiting companies and resources. They can take care of the process and provide a perfect match for your project. For instance, we highly recommend, an excellent place to hire developers and other tech employees in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and Asia. The hiring process is easy, as all candidates open their salary expectations, and there is a requirement for vacancies to show salary range as well. 

Ensure conditions for comfortable cooperation

To close the hiring successfully, you should double-check your ability to work comfortably with the potential fellow developer in Ukraine. Make sure you are okay with local working hours and that the vacation, salary and health policies you can provide work well with the Ukrainian environment. Last but not least is your readiness for understanding in case of emergency, such as an unexpected day off due to an air raid. If a developer is in a safe region, this does not happen often and rarely involves serious threats or risks, but these issues should be well communicated.

Benefits of hiring software developers in Ukraine

Choosing to hire Ukrainian software developers is a beneficial decision for many reasons, from economic to cultural. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some:

  • Compared with the developers from other regions, Ukrainians are capable of providing high-quality IT services for more reasonable prices, making investing in the Ukrainian labor market up-and-coming and profitable.
  • The IT field in Ukraine demonstrates incredible rapid growth keeping up with the latest tech trends and being able to master innovative skills very fast.
  • The Ukrainian talents are well-educated and willing to learn more and more both in the working process and through additional education, making them one of the most competent specialists in the global market.
  • Ukraine has one of the highest levels of digitalization in Europe, with IT specialists being the most prestigious profession in the country. Such a favorable environment is a fertile ground for top-class performance and creative solutions.
  • The advantageous geographical location of the country makes it a perfect natural hub for the development of IT because of convenient working hours and accessibility to other leading tech markets.
  • Finally, hiring Ukrainian people is one of the best ways to support the Ukrainian economy and show respect to them professionally, receiving a win-win outcome for your business.
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