How to Get a Tech Job in Another Country

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Due to the technology boom, more positions are developing, and more people are studying to apply for those high-demand jobs. Still, sometimes supply overflows demand and more people are forced to find a job somewhere else.

Working overseas can be an easier way to grow and develop faster, choosing from significantly more quantity and variety of offers. The crucial point in succeeding to get a dream tech job is to understand the market and make sure job platforms and providers are trustworthy and transparent in matching and descriptions.

However, it also can be challenging and overwhelming if searching was done unprepared. The situation in the tech market can be fierce due to employers searching for candidates in poor markets. To decrease unwanted and unneeded discomfort and to make sure you're ready to surf the internet, follow these tips:

1. Use international job boards

The simplest way to get a job in another country is to search on platforms where employers intentionally look for international employees, not where scarcely they are founded. A classified candidate and a well-made profile can be an asset for companies that look for talent. No limits: a big variety of marketplaces are advantageous for searching while not tied to one platform.

Not to miss any chance, it is possible to set up an email job alert according to your filters on some platforms. 

2. What can be better than using a platform that is made for your needs? - is a job-matching marketplace where descriptions are straightforward and spam from recruiters is avoided, while the profile is secured and hidden from a current employer. A candidate decides which job offer from matching is the best for them. No need to do research on a platform yourself and send a CV! Just check out the matchings that the system made, choose the fittest and apply.

3. Studying or getting an internship abroad

Help from university or program providers can be a chance to prove yourself and develop hard & soft skills. Such a method may have a perspective only in the long-term, due to not settling down in a foreign country and having another kind of visa. An international degree can be an added advantage to getting a tech position abroad. Usually, when a country has educated you, it will try to keep you working on them. Be sure to enquire about countries that grant an additional year of visa to work after graduation there. 

4. Networking 

Being good at something can bring grades for a student and an opportunity for a job candidate. While studying, one also discovers people who will too work in the industry with. Others unwillingly can know about your strength. So, some can offer a job position because they know you’re the best candidate. And another scenario is to search by asking alma mater’s mates if there are any offers in their companies or friends they can recommend you to employers.

5. Job fairs 

Online or offline job fairs are a great opportunity to understand the market and to introduce yourself. The main point is preparation. Before visiting a fair, one needs to check out what companies are going to be there and search about these companies to prepare questions for them. In addition, there can be an opportunity to show your portfolio and discuss some pros & cons of a particular position. After the job fair, makes sure to be in touch with recruiters from companies you would like to join.

6. Relocation 

While looking for a dream job, one can also be looking for an ideal country to settle down in. Job offers with relocation mean that one can enjoy discovering for yourself a new culture and country while growing in one career. Some companies are looking particularly for people who are ready to work side by side with other employees and to create a competitive environment. However, it can take a long period due to wanting them to train one locally. The easiest way to move to another country with a job offer is to sign in to LinkedIn and do the search with keywords such as “visa sponsorship” or “relocation”. Moreover, it is possible to set up a job alert for positions that can be interesting. 

7. A foreign transfer in your company 

If the main reason is to go abroad and work while enjoying the new view of nature or culture, there can be no need to do additional research and spend time on marketplaces on the internet. When joining another group in a foreign country, it can be challenging to adapt to a new environment immediately. And the company can help to adjust to it while doing team building and introducing to people who also came overseas. 

8. Recruitment agencies 

They are easily found online and make it simpler to find a dream position abroad. However, the contract they are suggesting to sign should be thoroughly read to avoid an unnecessary big percentage of the candidate's future pay cheques. 

9. A list of companies you’re interested in 

Make sure to follow companies where you want to work in the future, sometimes on their websites or social media platforms can be posted different sponsorship or offers that are not shown on marketplaces. Moreover, following such companies can also be an opportunity for finding new courses to develop skills which they can invite not only employees. 

10. Remote work 

In the era after the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, finding a remote or freelance job became easier and more advantageous. However, freelance means paying taxes and providing customer services yourself while remote can be disadvantageous due to different time zones. A lifestyle that includes a lot of travelling and making a living at the same time can be a part of a remote and freelance job.

While working side by side with foreign colleagues, you may see how technology dismisses borders and allows you to communicate with Python, Java, or Ruby Rails with someone you can hardly hold an actual conversation with. Working abroad is a great chance to find yourself while enquiring more about the world.

Ready to develop new skills and discover the world? Then, check out to find a tech job abroad!

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