How To Hire Offshore Developers

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Today's recruiting is no longer the same as even two years ago. Companies are now expanding the scale of their operations and markets and, accordingly, hiring more specialists. However, local labor markets often lack qualified talent and are not universal. That's why hiring offshore developers has entered the big game, becoming one of the most popular hiring options among tech companies and startups. It allows you to significantly expand the talent pool, as well as speed up the hiring process. However, the entire strategy must be well planned and carefully organized to achieve the desired results. Read on to learn more about how to hire offshore software developers who deliver top-notch performance.

Why hire offshore developers?

Since offshoring is a relatively new recruitment strategy, many employers are hesitant to replace traditional local recruiting with it. However, several key benefits tip the scales in favor of offshoring.

Effective time management

By hiring offshore programmers, you free yourself from the burden of a time-consuming search for suitable candidates in your area, especially if there is a shortage of the talent you need. In addition, such recruiting is done through online resources, saving you the time you would have spent arranging face-to-face interviews. Besides, many companies offer high-quality offshoring services, which also allows you to invest time in more complex projects.

Increased quality of services

Offshore hiring is mainly focused on finding developers familiar with the specifics of working on the same projects that are a priority for your startup now. Therefore, you can safely set higher expectations and requirements without worrying that you will not be able to find the right specialist. Algorithms of recruitment resources or the assistance of specialized agencies will be able to direct your search in the right direction and successfully close a vacancy.

Expanded talent pool

From the moment you decide to hire an offshore developer, you've already expanded your options and pool of potential candidates. You have at your disposal different regions with different labor markets, programmers with a wide variety of experience, and the ability to hire people from the countries where you plan to expand your company's operations. As a result, such a step is very likely to bring you closer to hiring the right specialist.

Reduction of budget costs

Offshoring helps to significantly save both on the organization of the recruiting process and the payment of salaries to employees. Firstly, recruitment becomes optimized in terms of time and number of steps. Therefore it will not be necessary to spend large sums of money on conducting public recruitment campaigns, studying the local labor market, etc. Secondly, developers from certain regions traditionally offer their services at more affordable prices, which benefits you and does not affect service quality.

Closing project-oriented needs

As a rule, specialists from your home area expect you to provide them with stable employment for a fixed position. This is not always beneficial for startups, as most often, they are not interested in staffing but services needed for a specific project. Offshore developers mostly work on such a basis; therefore, it is more likely that this kind of cooperation will show itself best in terms of results.

How to build your offshore team?

1. Develop a detailed vision

First of all, as an employer who decides to hire offshore developers, you want to have a clear understanding of what kind of project you're looking for people for, what the developer's responsibilities will be, what the collaboration format will be, etc. This step is necessary for both you and the candidates because it will be easier to set requirements and successfully narrow down the pool of professionals. In addition, candidates will be more interested in the job when they see clear requirements and expectations.

2. Conduct research

As with any hiring process, you need to gather enough information to determine your next course of action. Browse relevant online resources for recommendations and market analysis. As a result, you should get an understanding of the region in which you will be hiring, as well as where you will be looking for candidates. You can also chat on relevant platforms with other HR specialists who have experience with offshoring.

3. Build an interviewing strategy

After all the preparatory work, you can develop a plan for conducting interviews. Make sure you use the information you found and analyzed to tailor the interview to the team's needs and to target candidates. It is also worth paying special attention to the technical tests for your candidates, as they are usually decisive in hiring. Make sure the tests mimic the job you're offering the candidate and give them room to demonstrate their expertise. And besides, even though this is a technical position, include questions in the interview that will show the specialist's soft skills level.

4. Take care of cultural compatibility

During the hiring process, use every opportunity to check whether the cultural compatibility of your company with the offshore developers is satisfactory, as well as whether the specifics of the candidate's cultural background will affect your cooperation. First of all, it concerns the issue of lingua franca to establish full mutual understanding. In addition, learn more about the work culture in your target region, especially regarding the attitude to deadlines, the style of communication with the employer and clients, and the approach to teamwork.

5. Get the candidate interested in the job

If you are satisfied with the process's progress, do not forget to establish quality communication with the candidate. Encourage them to ask questions, provide detailed answers, and show them why your company or startup is a great place to work. We also recommend emphasizing the advantages of the proposed project, as well as its prospects. Finally, politeness and a friendly atmosphere have also proved to serve as effective tools for establishing rapport with the candidate.

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