Professional Introduction: What's Important

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Speaking of how to introduce yourself professionally, many people just get lost and come up with something like "Hi, I'm Mary, I love cats." No one wants to blush after such a performance if the interlocutor has a bad sense of humor. To avoid such situations, you can read this article. Let's get started. 

Why your intro is important

Let's start from afar. A proper professional introduction can really help a lot when you are on your way to your dream job. Everyone knows that you can make a first impression only once, it is very important not to miss it. That is why it is worth preparing well for such a significant moment. Firstly, there are a lot of people who want to get a dream job, and HRs do not have much time to look at each candidate in detail. It's probably obvious, but it's worth keeping in mind. And even more important and more useful is that when you know how to present yourself correctly, and also create a resume correctly, it will be easier for you to consider a good specialist who is definitely needed in the company. Thus, a professional introduction about yourself is necessarily brief and rich at the same time. The employer can understand how good a specialist you are and what you can do from it.

Dos and Don’ts of professional introduction 

Let's move on to the next topic. So you decide: "I need to formally introduce myself. How not to make basic mistakes?". You have been heard, so further there are a couple of tips on what to write in your introduction, and what will be superfluous. 


  1. Briefly introduce yourself. Who are you? What is your name? (Do not delay with this item. Brevity is the soul of wit). 
  2. What is your profession? What functions do you perform? (Be clear when talking about this. The employer must clearly see what he will get by inviting you to the company)


  1. Don't play with humor. (The HR is not always in the mood to flirt with you, most often he does his job dryly, not wanting to waste time).
  2. Information. (Reduce insignificant, unnecessary information. You should emphasize the main points, not hide them.)

Best practices of self introduction in meeting

Now let's think about how to introduce yourself to a new team. For example, you are at a zoom meeting and there is already a whole team in front of you. Let's take a look at how to introduce yourself professionally in this sample. 

“Hello, I'm a copywriter. My job is to write articles for company websites and texts for advertisements. Despite this, I also specialize in filling pages with text content.” 

Then you can add some details by type: I am a freelancer, and now I work for (your option) company

What did you see and highlight from the example? Most likely, brevity is immediately evident, in which, at the same time, there are many useful details. With that in mind, here are a couple of tips:

  • First, introduce yourself as you would do it offline.
  • Give as much useful information as you can, but don't overdo it
  • Before the meeting, you can write out on a piece of paper such items: what are my responsibilities? Who am I working for now? Am I working remotely or offline? Who am I basically? Having prepared in this way, it will be easier to assemble a full-fledged introduction from this information.
  • Talk about your direct duties, but do not forget about additional skills. Perhaps they are exactly what your future employer needs.

Now, for clarity, take a look at the bad sample of professional introduction about yourself: 

“Hi, I'm Lily, I'm a copywriter. In my free time I play the guitar or walk the dog. What else to tell you about myself? I'm not very attentive, but I'm communicative. I really want to join your company.” 

What do we see here? No useful information, nothing that a proper presentation of oneself should have. Such writing is more likely to make a potential employer laugh and scare away than to attract his attention.

Let's move on to the last topic of this article.

How to introduce yourself in writing

Our last topic is how to write an introduction about yourself. Sometimes it is worth writing a little more information than we indicated earlier. Here is an example of the best introduction lines about yourself for such a case. In the process, we will analyze what and where to write. 

First, a greeting:

"Hi Steve"

Next, a couple of lines about why you write:

"I saw a vacancy (you can write a website or any place where you found an ad) and I think that I am a great fit for this position"

Then we introduce ourselves:

"I'm Mary, my profession is a copywriter."

A couple of lines about what exactly you do:

"My job is to write articles for company websites and texts for advertisements"

You can specify additional skills:

"Despite this, I'm good at writing infill blocks for social networks and product descriptions"

Provide examples of your work and information about work experience:

"You can find examples of texts written by me here (indicate social network, Google Drive or any convenient place where you store your texts). I have rich work experience, experience - 2 years, during this period of time I managed to study most aspects of my work, so I don't need any extra training”

Here are some of your distinguishing features:

"I work well in any text editor programs and know everything about them. Sociability, attentiveness, and competence can also be distinguished from my good qualities."

It is very important to provide your contacts.

"To contact me, you can use such messengers (for example). I also actively respond to mail (indicate your email address) and social networks (it is also desirable to indicate them)"

Finally, you can finish:

"Thank you for your time, looking forward to your reply"

On this you can finish and wait for the answer of the HR or another responsible person. Good luck in this difficult task! We advise you to visit the website to find a job and put the knowledge from this article into practice.

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