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Many job seekers mistakenly perceive interviews as an examination of them by their potential employers to hire the best candidate. Although this is partially true, the candidate is also an important stakeholder with the right to decide if the job and the company meet their expectations. That is why companies provide an opportunity to ask questions to the hiring manager at the end of the interview. However, your questions are indicative of your professionalism and expertise. Read on to find out why you shouldn't miss the opportunity to ask questions and how to find out everything you're interested in while leaving a good impression on the employer.

Why is it important to ask questions at the end of the interview

Asking a few questions to your interviewer is a unique opportunity to present yourself as a professional in a positive light and to learn more about your potential job. 

First, you demonstrate an interest in the company as a place in the development of which you seek to contribute directly. You offer your skills and abilities for the good of the company, so you want to make sure that your potential is invested in the right way. It is a well-thought-out move for a job seeker; therefore, you will be seen as an even more competent and thoughtful candidate in the future.

Second, your questions say more about you than yourself because they highlight your priorities, interview preparation level, and industry awareness. For this reason, it is essential to prepare high-quality and unique interview questions to ask the employer since they are also a part of the interview.

Thirdly (and most obviously), this is your chance to learn everything that interests you about working for this company. Sure, you have some publicly available information, but it's almost never enough to make a final job decision. Especially good questions to ask in an interview include those related to responsibilities, challenges, team culture, the vision of development in the position, and so on. They will show you whether cooperation with the company will be successful and whether you are a good fit.

7 best interview questions to ask an employer

  • "As I mentioned earlier, I'm very passionate about ... . I know that the company is actively involved in this. What is your vision for incorporating [this activity] into the development strategy, and does it include my potential position?"

Such a question definitely tops the list of good interview questions to ask an employer, as it combines several effective techniques.

1 - You emphasize your priorities and that you are looking for opportunities to work with them in a new position.

2 - You show your strategic thinking and desire to have a holistic vision behind the daily work routine.

3 - You demonstrate your initiative and proactivity already at the interview stage, which will give you points in the eyes of the hiring manager.

However, make sure you ask this question out of genuine interest in the activity and not to show off your competence.

  • "What is the company's vision for team building? Are there any traditional team-building events or activities?"

With this question, you will expand your knowledge about the team culture in the company. It will also be a marker for you as to how well your personality will fit into the team and whether you will be comfortable working and socializing there. Don't forget to pay attention to this aspect because no matter how great the job is, a team that doesn't suit you can negatively affect your mental health and cause burnout. 

  • "What are the opportunities for professional development for employees of the same level as mine?"

This one is also worth including in the questions to ask a potential employer because it is smart to confirm a good impression of your competence and is also essential to know. The company's approach to improving its employees' qualifications is indicative in terms of treating them as professionals who need continuous education, not as labor resources. As for the hiring manager, it will be good for them to know that you are motivated to learn and interested in professional growth while contributing to the company's development.

  • "What are the main criteria for determining the success of performance in my position?"

This question will help you navigate the company's expectations regarding your target position and understand how realistic the goals are for the employees' work. In addition, your interviewer will be able to make sure that you want to start work prepared with a rough strategy for your actions in the new position. Moreover, such questions indicate goal-oriented candidates, which is a good sign for you.

  • "Which team members and departments will I work with most often?"

This question can also often be found among the recommended questions to ask employers, as it will allow you to understand your responsibilities from the perspective of potential interpersonal relationships. Additionally, it gives you an idea about which of the employees you should establish fundamental communication with at the beginning of the journey in this company. Also, after this question, the HR manager will see that you take a responsible approach to work relationships and relations with the team.

  • "What progress am I expected to make in this position in the next month/three months/six months to meet the company's expectations?"

Like the question about the criteria for assessing progress, this alone will give you a rough picture of working life at this company. However, it is also important because it gives you an insight into the company's attitude towards deadlines and time management, which is handy information for you.

  • "The industry is currently facing challenges in ... . Are negative consequences for the company expected and how was the development strategy for the next [period] built taking these circumstances into account?"

This one is a good question because it demonstrates your industry awareness, competence, and willingness to work with contexts beyond your office. Moreover, if you are already asking this question, it may indicate that you have ideas on how you can help the company grow under such conditions. In addition, you will be able to assess how well-planned and flexible the company's strategy is.

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