10 Simple Tips and Tricks to Stay Calm Before a Job Interview


Being nervous before an interview with an HR, hiring manager, or a tech lead is normal as such cases are not regular to our everyday lives, so our minds cause nervousness, stress and anxiety. Wayne Dyer, writer and coach, says, "You can't always control what's going on outside, but you can always control what's going on inside."

Have you ever found yourself in such uncontrolled situations? For sure. Then, especially for you, we have prepared 10 checked, helpful tips and tricks to control your inner state of mind that helps to pass a job interview successfully. 

How to calm your nerves before a job interview?

1. Collect facts about the company

Find everything you can about your employer and the company you will be interviewed for:

  • What do you know about the founding date, offices, and locations?
  • What is the main stack and product?
  • What contracts have been signed recently?
  • Who is the top manager of the company?

The list of questions is limitless. But if you use the platforms like Hirin.co to land your next job, you will find the whole job and company description already collected for you, with all the details upfront. Salary including! This can significantly help prepare for the job interview and stay calm during the conversation. These facts will excellently support you, help build a dialogue and show your interest in the company, which will win additional points for you.

2. Check the way you look

Wear a business or casual style for the interview (better not a sports one). Before the start, check everything still looks fine, and it will make you feel more assured and more cozy and relaxed. How not to be nervous for an interview? Look at yourself in the mirror! It is also an excellent way to stimulate yourself to succeed. Remind yourself how firm you are and what you have achieved in your previous job.

3. Get a habit to smile

Psychologists say that a smile starts from within. A smile is perhaps the most effortless and extraordinary task for tuning into a cheerful outlook. You may not feel like smiling, but pushing yourself to smile will help you feel okay. Some studies have advised that forcing yourself to smile enables the body to decrease stress and lowers heart rate in uneasy cases.

4. Use your adrenaline power

Apprehension and adrenaline are highly connected. Research on relaxing before job interviews shows that getting excited instead of calming down before tests brings better outcomes. Say "I'm excited" instead of "I'm calm". So, it's okay if you're trembling and your blood is rushing. 

5. Remember, it’s simply a chat

Finally, remember that you’re not jumping with a parachute or fighting with a leopard. You’re fronting one, okay, five managers and having a pleasant chat about your employment. Look, they are not just quizzing you. In the same way, you may ask questions to get answers. Managers or HRs are likely worried about creating a good image, too.

6. Be ready to accept refusal

The most frustrating item about calming down before an interview is the rejection case. A long job hunting or financial concern only arouses sadness. It would be best to get this definite position at all costs, and you don't even want to consider other variants.

Tones of applications come to each job opening. Thus, according to statistics, the possibility of being denied in several interviews within weeks is relatively high. Be ready for such an outcome of the case in advance: yes, you may be rejected, but this does not indicate that you are a bad developer.

7. Have a good sleep and rest before

Make sure you get good sleep. You still can party with all your mates after your triumphant job interview. But just don't make the error of having a celebration the night before the business conversation or tests. Be sure that bags under the eyes and sleepy biting have never made a pleasing first impression. Such facts can easily crush all your dreams for approving feedback.

8. Ask for the online interview 

Start your dialogue with a recruiter, asking about Skype or Zoom interview, explaining that there is no sense in traveling far. Prepare a factual video background with sky-blue colour and good lighting. Books on the backside are rarely visible in the frame during a Zoom call, but their presence can put a candidate in a favorable light. Plus, people are always calmer and more confident in their venues.

9. Grounding

Put both feet on the floor if possible, and feel how the floor ties you to the Earth's energy. The contact with the feet and the sensation of being grounded is better used as a support and trust for oneself and the body.

10. Fake it until you make it

Fake it until it becomes true. To reduce stress, act to be someone who knows how and what to say. Detaily imagine that you are the movie superhero. And what will be the victorious result? How would someone else, braver than you, do it?

With these techniques of calming yourself before an interview, your options of successfully passing an interview are much higher. To eliminate stress from the overall hiring process, use Hirin.co for a job change, as the platform is designed to reduce fluff from the employment process and make it an enjoyable experience instead of a stressful one. All jobs on Hirin.co are straight to the point, with all the necessary details and inbuilt chat, so that you can find everything that interests you before the interview and come to the interview well-prepared.

Hopefully, you understand how to calm your nerves before an interview to get a job offer. To prepare means to work. A sportsman, an actor Bruce Lee said, "It doesn't matter how slowly you progress, and the main thing is that you don't stop." Don't stop working on yourself as a professional and use it in practice. The more time you spend qualifying, the more prosperous you will be in an interview.

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