Writing An Immediate Resignation Letter

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Quitting a job is always a stressful event in the career life of any employee, especially if caused by unpredictable tough circumstances. Even though resignation policies and employment contracts request meeting specific requirements, sometimes it is impossible to follow them and ensure a thought-out transition. However, a well-composed immediate short resignation letter can help smooth the whole process, allowing you to leave on good terms without undesirable obstacles from your employer. So, keep reading to learn more about immediate resignation letters and how to make them exhaustive yet polite.

What is an immediate resignation letter

An immediate resignation letter refers to a formal notification addressed to your manager, leader, or supervisor informing them of your resignation from a current position. Although employees write them primarily to communicate the conditions of leaving a job, such letters are also used as a formal instrument to create a legal basis for the resignation process. For this reason, the structure of your letter should remain precise, clear, and professional. However, you are free to personalize the content so that it feels more natural and corresponds to your situation better. 

Typically, an ordinary resignation requires notification to your employer at least two weeks in advance unless otherwise noted. So, to become effective immediately, resignation letter should include the date you sent the letter mentioned in the header and a specification that you are willing to leave the position right away.

How to write a resignation letter effective immediately: 6 tips

Even though there are not many variations in how you can write such letters, you want to deliver the news as smoothly and friendly as possible. To compose a letter this way, consider the following tips for writing a resignation letter effective immediately.

Follow the structure

A typical resignation letter consists of:

  1. A header — see samples below (not required for emails, but you should include them in the file version of the letter you are expected to attach to the email);
  2. An opening clause with the request for the immediate resignation;
  3. A reason explanation (if you wish to provide one);
  4. Additional information (e. g., offering help, asking questions, etc.);
  5. Gratitude and closing a letter.

Keep the letter polite

A friendly yet professional tone is always the best option for such letters because it allows you to avoid conflict, ensure favorable terms for resigning and create a ground for potential communication in the future, such as asking for a reference or professional consultation. Moreover, even if a genuine reason for quitting the job was a severe interpersonal conflict or other unpleasant events, try to look for a better way to express your dissatisfaction.

Think of the explanation of the reasons

Of course, you are welcome to describe what caused your decision to leave the company as soon as possible. In this case, don't go too personal (you can share the details privately if needed), but make the description clear and short. On the other hand, you are not required to share what is happening in your life, so you can simply refer to personal reasons.

Offer your assistance with the transition

Unplanned staff changes usually hinder the regular workflow, so it would be considerate of you to propose to help and consult your successor in case of necessity. However, avoid promises if you are unsure whether you will be able to fulfill them.

Ask questions

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to mention them in your letter. Also, you may ask for a further dialogue if your problems or questions are too complex for a single letter.

Sample letters of resignation

Sample #1 (health reasons)

Dear Ms. Rustling,

With the deepest regret, I inform you that I will no longer be able to work at ABCD due to health circumstances. Therefore, please accept this as my formal letter of resignation effective immediately, May 13, 2022.

While I am aware that this goes against the contract provisions, I would be obliged if you could provide a release from the contract and accept my immediate resignation request as I have to quit the job because of medical recommendations incompatible with my current position. However, as I understand that transition complexities may arise, I am willing to assist the process. You can find my contact information and working hours attached below.

Also, I would be grateful if you could let me know the best way to receive my final paycheck.

I would love to express my sincere gratitude for your guidance and kind support throughout my journey at ABCD. It was a privilege to have enjoyed such an opportunity, and I will always have fond memories of working here.

Best wishes,

Theo Smithson.

Sample #2 (a new job)

Dear Ms. Rustling,

I am sorry to inform you of my immediate resignation from ABCD Company, to take effect on May 13, 2022. The reason to resign immediately is a transition to a new position in another company which should take place as soon as possible. I am aware that the contract requires a formal notification two weeks before the resignation. However, to my regret, I cannot influence the conditions, for which I sincerely apologize, so please accept this letter as a formal resignation.

As I have no intention of causing additional strain to the situation, please let me know how I can help you. Don't hesitate to reach out to me at 888-888-8888 or theo.smithson@anymail.com whenever it deems necessary. Besides, I was wondering how I could collect my paycheck, so I would be grateful if you informed me which way works for you the best.

I am very thankful to you for contributing to my wonderful experience at ABCD. Our cooperation has brought up many insights which have significantly improved my professional and interpersonal skills. Working here will remain a warm memory of mine for a long time.

Respectfully yours,

Theo Smithson.

Sample #3 (no reason explanation)

Dear Ms. Rustling,

Please accept this letter as formal resignation from my position at ABCD, coming into effect on May 13, 2022. I recognize that it would be desirable if I informed you in advance; however, due to unexpected circumstances, I could neither notify you earlier nor postpone the resignation. Therefore, I express my apology and ask for your understanding.

Please reach out to me if I could be of any help with the further transition. I would be happy to discuss the opportunities for my assistance if this made this challenging situation more manageable. Also, feel free to ask any questions if necessary.

Also, please let me know the available options for receiving my final paycheck, which would be convenient for you.

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience with me. I am grateful for everything you have done for me and my professional development.

Warm wishes,

Theo Smithson.

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