Best Examples of Hobbies and Interests to Put on a Resume

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Naturally, many job seekers try to highlight the best of their career paths and personalities in a CV when applying for a vacancy. However, there is an ongoing debate on whether hobbies and interests should be on a resume. Some argue that this part of our lives belongs to leisure and has nothing to do with work, while others insist on including them in the application. 

Is there the only right answer? It may vary as everything depends on each situation and execution of the process. But in some cases, putting personal interests on a CV can get you a job! Keep reading to learn more about activities to put on resume and the best tips on adding them to your profile.

Should you put hobbies and interests on a resume

This question remains ambiguous because our hobbies and favorite activities are usually not connected to professional development and reflect lifestyle and personality rather than expertise or experience. For example, a project manager may be into hiking and karaoke, or a software developer can be interested in cybersport and numismatics — in neither case, their hobbies indicate the level of their professionalism. That is why the hobbies and interests section are the first to go when you run out of space in your CV. 

However, another side of the coin is that your favorite activities illustrate your personality traits better than anything else. So, if the interests to put on a resume go in line with the job description and the company, it will be a great decision to mention them.

But finally, should you put hobbies on a resume? If you answer yes to the following questions, then you may want to do this:

  • Are you an entry-level candidate looking for ways to boost your CV?
  • Do you still have free space after filling out all the necessary information?
  • Do your hobbies resonate with the job requirements for the position?
  • Are your hobbies unique enough to make your resume outstanding?
  • Are you really passionate about the activities you want to mention?

However, even if you decide to share your passions with the hiring manager, the only thing that matters is the execution, so follow our tips and recommendations to make the hobbies CV section flawless.

Why it can be important to mention personal interests

It is not surprising that the hobbies and interests section is not the decisive one in your CV, but it can also significantly improve your chances of being hired. You can give the company several important signs by mentioning your favorite activities in your CV.

Your personality traits are consistent

Of course, your hobby may differ from what you are doing for a living, but they mostly require the same soft skills. So, by knowing your interests, a hiring manager can understand if the desired position suits your personality and means to you more than just a source of financial stability.

It is easier to pick your CV among many others

A great resume should reflect who you are as a professional and person in terms of selling yourself. So, suppose there are two completely identical resumes on the table, but one of them highlights the core strengths of a candidate through hobbies, then it is way more likely to be chosen.

You are interested in personal development in every part of your life and eager to learn more

Having hobbies is a strong indicator that a candidate does not want to stop their growth and remain on one level for the rest of their days. In addition, a person interested in different activities is better at learning new things and getting to know more and more. Many companies highly value these qualities as they will serve you in any job position you apply for. Also, an entry-level candidate can make their CV more convincing by highlighting that.

You are less likely to burn out

In lots of cases, specialists cannot continue their work because they are hyperfocused on their jobs and don't refer to any means of emotional relaxation, so employers want to ensure that you know how to manage your emotional stability. For this reason, hobbies allow you to blow off steam and support your mental health, which increases your productivity and well-being.

Examples of hobbies and interests to put on a resume

If you are wondering how to describe your hobbies, examples will help you. Here are some soft skills and hobbies that can highlight them.

If you are attentive and patient, you may pay attention to:

  • Painting;
  • Modeling;
  • Archery;
  • Embroidery;
  • Collection;
  • Playing instruments.

If you are extrovertive and outgoing, you may mention:

  • Team sports;
  • Volunteering;
  • Debating;
  • Singing;
  • Speaking club;
  • Comedy.

If you are stress-resistant, you can think of:

  • Marathons;
  • Yoga;
  • Cybersport;
  • Competitive sports;
  • Camping.

If you want to highlight your creativity, look at the following:

  • YouTube blogging;
  • Writing;
  • Design;
  • Songwriting;
  • Poetry;
  • Photography.

If your strength is strategic and analytical thinking, then you may be interested in:

  • Chess;
  • Historical strategy games;
  • Astronomy and space;
  • Robotics;
  • Puzzles and riddles.

Those mentioned above are not the only possible examples of hobbies, yet they all demonstrate a very simple yet effective principle: your hobbies should reflect your best skills and traits that work well with the position you have applied for. Bonus tip: if you have enough space, you can briefly highlight your achievements in this sphere (not more than one simple sentence). This small step will allow you to outline what you consider essential in this activity. 

To sum up, it is up to you what to include in your CV, but remember that this information should serve as the icing on the cake and help you get the job. Good luck!

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