What is a Notice Period?

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Whatever your career path is, everyone has a moment when it is necessary to quit their job to find a better opportunity. This is a big decision that requires a careful approach. Dismissal from work is a common part of any employee turnover process. There have been many issues and inconveniences associated with the recruitment and dismissal of employees. In this article, we will discuss the main issues that concern employees, including the following: What is the notice period? How to define it? If you are hired, how much time do you need to give notice for your current position? Keep reading!

What is a notice period and why is it necessary?

To put simply what a notice period is, it refers to the period from notifying your manager or the HR department about the desire to leave until the actual departure from work. What is its significance? The sudden departure of an employee leads to a partial or complete restructuring of the team. The reason is that the responsibilities of a specialist that has just left a job cannot simply be dismissed, so these tasks get shifted to other employees. In turn, the team will not be satisfied with the increased number of tasks for the same salary. It will take time and money to find another candidate and provide them with the necessary high-quality training.

Therefore, the notice period on a job application is not only a matter of respect for the team and the workflow but also a process that facilitates the process of dealing with organizational issues. The notice period for job application also simplifies the rigorous and lengthy process of replacing workers. After all, the HR department needs to process a request for dismissal and then create a vacancy with a comprehensive list of expectations and requirements. Finally, the employer should face the question of budgeting, which also cannot be properly settled in a rush. Therefore, it is clear that the notice period meaning is very significant for both the company and the leaving employee. 

How to determine the notice period specifically for you 

Now we get to a logical question: how to define your job application notice period? Typically, the notice period should be given about two weeks in advance, but it greatly depends on the position of the employee and the time spent in the company. Take a look at the comparison of how this period depends on the duration of employment.

  • One month or less. Most often, in this case, there is no need to notify strongly in advance about your dismissal.
  • Two months to two years. In the United Kingdom, for example, with a little more work experience, it is necessary to notify the authorities about a week in advance. 
  • Two to twelve years. With a significant term of service, the notice period is considered as follows: each year of work is equal to a month, and these months are summed up.
  • Over twelve years. In this case, the employee is especially important to the company, so the notice period on job application can reach up to twelve months.

However, there are exceptions such as the following:

  1. At the moment of the desired period for dismissal, there is a big project in progress that requires much attention of the quitting specialist. Then the process of replacing an employee may be delayed, as it is more difficult for both the company and the team.
  2. There is a problem with the replacement of a specialist. If the employee's specialization is in demand, but there still are few experts on the market, the replacement of candidates will be more difficult than if there are many professionals to choose from in the labor market.
  3. The notice period is specified in the contract signed by the employee upon hiring. This is a common situation when the desired notice period is indicated in the contract, so there is no need to muse about what is your availability on notice period.

How to submit a notice: 4 main steps

In order to go through the dismissal process politely and correctly leaving a pleasant impression (which is always a great advantage if you need a reference from a past employer in a new company), you should follow these steps:

  1. Determining the day of final dismissal. First you need to deal with the question: what is your current notice period? On average, it is best to prepare for dismissal in about two weeks. After determining the final day of employment, you may proceed to the next stage. 
  2. Discussing details with supervisor. Before you start writing a letter of resignation, you should discuss all the details with your managers face to face. So, they will be notified in advance and will be able to make the necessary adjustments.
  3. Writing a letter of resignation. This is an important step, as this letter may be needed for referencing. Such a letter should contain:
  • Your contact information, 
  • The date of writing, 
  • A statement of resignation, 
  • A line of gratitude,
  • A signature.
  1. Negotiating details with the team. During your notice period, it is also highly recommended to communicate with the team to leave a good impression. Team members will be happy for you, so you are more likely to leave on good terms, which can certainly help you in the future.

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