What's a Sabbatical Leave and When You Need It

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To be on the same page, this article is not about how to rest for free; instead, it explains how to tell if you need a long paid rest called a sabbatical.

Described as "an extended period of leave from one's customary work, especially for rest, to acquire new skills or training, etc." by Dictionary.com, sabbaticals got much in favour. 

How long can a sabbatical last?

A standard sabbatical lasts between one month to one year, with an average length of around 21 weeks. The most common leave is about the twelve-week spot, except for employees taking more than a year.

The sabbatical duration mainly depends on :

  • Company policy – some companies allow you to construct extended service leave, making it easy to take a sabbatical from work of more than a month. Beyond 3-6 months from the start, a break in service usually comes as described benefits.
  • Your duties – you need to get a clear idea of how long you can drop your duties before you should get back to work again.

Is Sabbatical trending?

The idea of sabbatical leave has been gaining momentum in recent years. Some even say 2022 will be “the year for Sabbaticals!” But what's behind this sudden popularity?

The answer lies with the increasing number of employees experiencing a professional burnout while dying a hybrid work. When they don’t want to quit the job completely, sabbatical leave seems like a reasonable thing to do. 

Is sabbatical paid for all employees?

Yes, but actually, it depends on HR policy, employee status, salary range, vacation length or frequency, industry, etc.

Some companies often have the most convincing statements against offering paid sabbaticals. At hirin.co, most companies care about employee life-work balance and offer special conditions for those willing to take a sabbatical. It is also essential to consider the company policies and retention programs. Frequently, companies choose to allow sabbaticals in order to prevent people from quitting their jobs, which would lead to the necessity to hire new people. Some companies pay a certain percentage of salary; other ones pay in full and sometimes a sabbatical is not paid at all.

How to detect when you need a sabbatical?

Here is your checklist if you are:

  • Easily irritated
  • Apathetic
  • Discouraged
  • Stuck in a routine
  • Frequently get negative feedback.

Did you have "yes" for at least two of these points? Ok, it's time to consider a long rest. Now you're really motivated to take a sabbatical and understand what you want to gain from it.

It is crucial to remember that not all company leaders or HRs are open enough to respect the significance of sabbaticals, and some might not agree with the gap in your career record. Possibly, they're not the type of managers you should work for anyway.

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What is a sabbatical leave policy?

Generally, this is the companies' approach to offer employees the possibility to enlarge their background, develop new talents, etc., by taking a couple of months off their work duties. Here are some of the most typical examples of sabbatical leave:


For some employees, it is essential to help others feel better. They follow someone's needs, invest in charities or do some free jobs for people or animals in need. That time spent influences them in a good way or otherwise means a lot to them.


Sabbaticals are an excellent possibility to travel for a longer time than you may usually allow. You can stay in a far uninhabited destination watching the ocean sunset to charge more power for future projects.

Family Time

Another group of tech professionals prefer to use a sabbatical to spend continuous calm time with beloved family members and pets. 

Three benefits of allowing sabbaticals

1. Better psychological resources

Studies prove that the employees who return from a sabbatical feel psychologically more resourceful. It means an increase in common well-being, a sense of self-control and autonomy, liveliness, and even more power in soft or technical skills!

2. More cross-functional opportunities

Researchers say that when team leaders take sabbaticals from work, this can be a good challenge for other team members. Ambitious colleagues get the possibility to develop their knowledge, take on untried duties, and prove their supervision talents.

3. General company welfare

Workers feel ok and stay ok long after they come from their leave – which satisfies the company. When coworkers feel fine, they're more likely to have an optimistic effect on each other, and they could be more productive.

Just like a vacation does for your health and well-being, sabbaticals give employees the opportunity to recharge their batteries by giving their mental stamina an extra boost with some much-needed rest before returning back to work again.

Now, when you've got an idea of what a sabbatical means, you can set up a talk with your HR manager or recourse manager to learn about the company policy or even apply for a paid leave. But if you are unhappy with what your company offers, consider new opportunities through Hirin.co!

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